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Organic Arabic gum is principally referred to as the sap of some of the trees and shrubs from the family of Acacia found in and around Africa. The main countries producing Organic Arabic Gum are Sudan, Senegal and Southern Africa going up to almost the Great Rift Valley as well as the semi arid regions like Africa’s Savannahs. Gum Arabic is one of the principal exports of Africa and has a history of use that dates back to as early as the time of the ancient Egyptians. With the increase in trade between the Egyptians and the Turks during the Middle Ages Organic Arabic Gum found huge demand in the markets of Europe. This trend was further developed during the era of colonization when the trade surrounding Organic Arabic Gum reached its height.

Organic Arabic Gum is basically the sap of a group of small trees and shrubs, which grow predominantly around the warmer regions of the world. These include the Tropics and the Subtropics. Their growth is influenced by natural factors than by any other artificial means. A trivia worth mentioning is that surprisingly, damaged trees give a greater amount of the sap or the Fiber Gum than healthy trees. Thus, most of the locals who deal with the sale of the sap often damage the tree artificially to enhance the production of the sap, which is also known as Gum Acacia. After the sap is collected, it is subjected to a number of other processes like sieving, hand selection and grading. All these processes are generally carried out through locally prevalent norms and are often also accompanied by certain social rituals. All these processes ensure that the sap, which is finally exported, is pure and unadulterated.

The uses of Organic Arabic Gum are varied and range from uses in the cosmetic industries to the production of confectionaries. Besides these, these organic ingredients are also widely used for medicinal purposes and many ancient cultures have written proof of the use of Organic Arabic Gum in curing dangerous illnesses like cancer. Since it is organic in nature it plays a very important role in ensuring the quality of consumer products like food, beverages as well as face crèmes. Known for its anti aging properties, Organic Arabic Gum is widely used in the modern world as a means of enhancing face-lifts. Used regularly as a part of our food ingredients, Organic Arabic Gum provides long-term benefits like prevention of colon cancer. It is used in a number of drugs prescribed for diseases ranging from skin ailments to detoxification of the body. Thus, here’s saluting the unassuming but immensely beneficial Organic Arabic Gum.

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