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Colostrum (Health Benefits of Colostrum)

Colostrum has a number of reasons to be synonymous with life… it is the first gift that we get on birth… almost like life. Again the life saving properties of Colostrum stays with us as long as we live. Thus, Colostrum, which is defined as a mammary secretion, a kind of pre milk that is produced in the mother’s body during the first 72 hours after birth is of immense importance to us. However, unfortunately, this precious liquid was discarded till just a few years back. This was due to the yellow texture of the liquid, which convinced people that consumption of the liquid was harmful for the health of the baby. After this extensive researches have gone into the health benefits of Colostrum and its composition and it has today been proved beyond a doubt that the organic ingredient is indeed a life saving one not just for human beings but for animals as well. The consumption of Colostrum is generally species specific except Bovine Colostrum, which can be consumed, by any species. The popularity of Colostrum today is so widespread that tablets and capsules are also easily available in order to supply adults with the benefits of this magic ingredient.

The health benefits of Colostrum like Acacia are immense. This is not just in the case of babies but in the case of adults as well. The first dose of Colostrum in case of newborn babies can help to grow the infant’s immunity system and protect him from diseases and infections all through life. The liquid contains almost 37 different immunity factors that help to grow the body’s system of immunity. These functional ingredients last us all through our lives and are especially useful in protecting young children from attacks by harmful bacteria. This is specially needed in the case of young children as in most cases they play around areas, which run a high risk of the presence of dangerous microbes and bacteria. Besides this they also promote growth in newborn babies and are especially influential in enhancing the growth of cells, muscles, tissue, bone and cartilage. One of the health benefits of Colostrum is the fact that it prevents Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

In the case of adults too, Colostrum plays a number of important roles. It helps us to fight against the evil effects of pollution, toxins, carcinogens, smoking, alcohol and overuse of antibiotics… all of which are very common threats of our developed technology and culture. Besides our physical health, Colostrum also takes care of our mental health. Thus a regular intake of Colostrum tablets or capsules can go a long way in providing us with a one-stop solution to all our mental as well as our physical problems.

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