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Well… nuts are not just popular with squirrels… we humans love them too. Whether it’s a tempting nut laden bowl of desert or a packet full of nuts to chew all through the day… nuts have an appeal of their own. Since time immemorial nuts like Acacia, have always been in vogue. In fact the ancients Romans believed that these were associated with fertility and thus, it was customary to shower newly wed couples with these nutty gifts on their wedding day! Almonds and cashews have long been seen as the emperors of the world of nuts… both for their taste as well as for their exclusivity. Organic Almond and Organic Cashews contain a lot of unsaturated fatty acids, which are very important in providing our bodies with essential fats. And since these food ingredients are unsaturated fatty acids, Organic Almond and Organic Cashews don’t add up to our cholesterol level. However, they can be a hazard if you are prone to allergies and is considered as one of the eight most common allergens. Besides they can often be a reason for the growth of a mold that forms Aflatoxin that has been known to possess certain carcinogenic properties. Besides this the production of nuts involves the use of pesticides, which have a detrimental effect on both the environment as well as on humans. The solution to this nutty problem can be easily found in Organic Almond and Organic Cashews.

Organic Almond and Organic Cashews are organic ingredients grown following specifications on the production techniques and in a process that does away with the use of pesticides completely. Grown under these specifications, Organic Almond and Organic Cashews are even richer sources of Vitamins B2 and E, Magnesium, and Zinc. Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant that can fight the free radicals that damage our tissues and cells and can also cause serious diseases like cancer and trigger off heart attacks and strokes.  Besides this as they are organic ingredients these food ingredients also go a long way in forming the base of good health in our children. Since these Organic Almond and Organic Cashews have to pass through more stringent tests of quality control than their non-organic counterparts, you can also be sure that they are purer and are devoid of adulterated additions. Besides this, by reducing the damage done to the soil by the effect of toxic pesticides, encouraging Organic Almond and Organic Cashews also helps to preserve the purity and texture of the soil. So, lets get together to munch our way in to the delicious and nutritious world of Organic Almond and Organic Cashews.

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